Integrated solutions for educational environments

A safe educational environment requires intelligent, discreet and effective access management solutions.

Providing students and staff with a safe and convenient environment for learning and living is the primary security concern for schools and universities. 

Due to complex settings, door opening solutions for the education sector must be flexible to meet the diverse needs of pupils, students and educational personnel.

Whilst openness is a key element, access to certain areas should be monitored and limited at certain times.

From the buildings housing main entrances and lecture halls to sports facilities or student residences, the chosen access control and asset tracking solutions, escape route systems and locks need to work as a whole to deliver appropriate security and protection against burglary, theft and vandalism. 

Main areas where ASSA ABLOY can offer an integrated solution:

Administrative and staff rooms: access control solutions safeguard people and property to ensure comfortable environments.
IT/technical rooms/laboratories: electronic access and asset management systems, with additional monitoring and audit-trails restrict unauthorized access and provide protection of assets against theft.
Lecture halls and class rooms: flexible doors and emergency exits deliver comfort and inclusive access, while integrated control systems enable student monitoring.
Asset tracking: intelligent key cabinets and lockers easily integrated into wider access control solutions deliver additional protection through real-time audit-trails, tagging, and traceability of the facility’s most important assets.
Emergency exits: rapid exit solutions combining ease of egress security, including fit-for-purpose fire doors and panic exit systems that protect both people and property during emergencies and prevent intrusion from the outside at all times.